Media Round-Up

I’ve had the great pleasure this summer of appearing on a few podcasts to talk about my work.

I love podcasting; as an informative genre, it allows listeners to process information in and around the constraints of their busy lives. As an entertainment medium, it facilitates innovative soundscapes and storytelling that immerse listeners in new worlds (I’m particularly fond of Dane Terry’s Dreamboy, although it is decidedly nsfw).

Interested in hearing me talk about some of the things that get me excited? Here’s what you can check out:

The Brainspace Optimized Podcast with Hailey Thomas

I had the privilege of working with Hailey earlier this year on her TedX talk, and I loved this chance to delve further into my coaching processes with her. Our conversation ranged over the most common mistakes I see speakers make, how I balance my university teaching, my research, and my consulting, and even my guilty-pleasure summer reading.

Find it here:

Truelove’s Show with Joshua Truelove

I met Josh, a history PhD student at Boston College, earlier this year in Washington, D.C. for the annual conference of the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association. We talk here about our mutual love for comics and superheroes, as well as my ongoing research into the cynical presentation of utopia-as-apocalypse in superhero/supernatural narratives. There’s also a sneak peek of my upcoming book, and my thoughts on the Game of Thrones series finale!

Listen to it all here:—Dr–Alane-Presswood-e4iq71

I love doing these appearances! It’s a great chance to bring academic work to a non-typical audience, and I hope to do more podcasting soon.

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