The internet is a wide and varied place! If you have landed on this page because you’re interested in the full roster of my academic accomplishments, rather than my coaching services, check out my Curriculum Vitae.


My writing and research broadly concerns the intersections between digital rhetoric and women’s voices, and I’m particularly interested in how new media has impacted the ways in which women discuss and share their attitude towards activities traditionally associated with the domestic sphere.

Here are a few of my academic publications (just in case the sparkling insights on my blog aren’t cutting it for you), complete with convenient PDF attachments.

Presley, R., & Presswood, A. (2018). Pink, brown, and read all over: Representation at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Cultural Studies <> Critical Methodologies, 18(1), 61-71. doi: 1177/1532708617735134

Presswood, A. (2017). When avowal is not enough: Foucault and public shaming in a socially mediated world. Ohio Communication Journal, 55, 43-53.

Presswood, A. (2017). Death of an idol. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 6(2), 80-81. doi: 10.1525/dcqr.2017.6.2.80