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Food Blogs, Postfeminism, and the Communication of ExpertiseDigital Domestics is an exploration of how and why women use food blogs to build successful digital brands in the arena of domestic food preparation, purchase, and consumption. Contemporary understandings of domesticity and femininity are inextricably tied to the digital realm because of the capabilities of networked digital platforms; social media both enable and constrain women as public communicators in ways that were historically not possible.  The work done by bloggers to maintain individual brands, engage reader communities, and leverage social trends has altered the public perception of housework and pushed for stronger links between domesticity and feminism.

Popular bloggers including Deb Perelman, Ree Drummond, Alison Roman, Lily Diamond, Adrianna Adarma, and more are all discussed! A great text for food blog fans, scholars interested in gender and/or digital networks, or interdisciplinary undergraduate classrooms. Buy it here or rent the ebook from the New York Public Library.

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My research and writing interests sit at the intersection of new media, post/feminism, and popular culture. Web 2.0, shifting norms of information literacy, the decentering of facts, the pressure to be continuously accessible, and the impact of special-interest communities and similarity biases online all pose opportunities for digital rhetoricians to explore how individuals create meaning out of the overwhelming tidal wave of information on the internet.

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