I write speeches, edit ideas, craft arguments, and coach style and delivery for entrepreneurs, consultants, or big thinkers who are ready to share their expertise with a crowd.

By combining the fundamentals of strong public address with the dynamic needs of 21st century audiences, I work with speakers to hone their unique voice and style. My focus is not on drilling gestures and tongue twisters (though I have plenty of those in my toolkit), but rather perfecting your argument and planning individualized strategies to make sure that you can confidently bring down the house every time you pick up a microphone.

So if you are one of the 8.4 million Americans who still fears public speaking more than death, I want to help you demystify public speaking and ensure that your next talk will be the best presentation you have ever delivered.

If the spotlight inspires all-consuming dread in your heart…. Banish the fear.

If your ideas sparkle on paper but you fall apart in front of a crowd…. Embrace the opportunity to be heard.

And if you’ve ever been made to feel like you or your ideas do not deserve to take the world by storm: FIND YOUR VOICE.


Delivery Coaching

If you need expert help with your performance and oral delivery, I offer individual coaching covering hand gestures, vocal emphasis (pitch, pace, emphasis, rhythm), eye contact, posture, memorization, and more. I am based in the Philadelphia metro area but offer video coaching services for speakers across the country.

Perfect for you if:

  • You have prior experience in front of a crowd, but you’re feeling rusty.
  • Your next event is larger or higher impact than your previous presentations.
  • You’re going to be filmed or televised for the first time.
  • You’ve worked with me before (hello again!) and need a quick tune-up.

Speech Writing and Editing

If you need structural, organizational, or stylistic help with writing your presentation, I can transform your outline, notes, or hastily scribbled napkin thoughts into an orderly manuscript. This option includes one complete initial manuscript, plus one full round of revisions and minor suggestions on delivery and emphasis.

Perfect for you if:

  • This is the first time anyone has ever told you that writing for the ear is not the same thing as writing for the eye
  • You have the utmost confidence in your ideas but no idea how to organize them into a tight 20/30/60 minute presentation
  • Your speaking scenario is relatively informal and you’re not worried about tightening your delivery

Comprehensive Presentation Preparation

If you are looking for top-to-bottom assistance in conceptualizing, creating, and rehearsing a presentation, I’ve got you covered. I will work with you to dream, write, edit, and organize your presentation. I will also give you in-depth video coaching, working with your natural inclinations to construct and perfect a speaking persona that feels natural and looks professional.

Perfect for you if:

  • You know your content area backwards and forwards, but aren’t sure how to turn all that knowledge into an oral presentation.
  • You’ve been doing speaking events on a smaller scale for a while now, and are ready to enlist some help to take your game into the big leagues.
  • You want to completely (re)build your brand around an oral communication/inspirational speaker model.
  • You do enough speaking engagements to warrant having a pro on stand-by, ready to tweak content and delivery to every unique situation.
  • You are a complete novice facing an upcoming presentation that has the potential to revolutionize your business.

What Is It Like to Work with Me?

Since I started offering my services as a consultant in 2017, I’ve coached speakers at events like MicroConf, The Copywriter Club IRL, and regional TEDx conferences. My clients have gone on to build workshop series and speak on tours around the country (and even internationally). Here’s what they have to say:

Easy and wonderfully collaborative!
Before finding Lanie, I was struggling to map out my TEDx talk in a way that was entertaining, persuasive, and helped me share my ideas clearly. I was totally overwhelmed with ideas and was feeling some serious pressure to create something GREAT, not just OK. After sharing all my notes with Lanie, she was able to understand my voice, create a clear call to action, and craft points that were persuasive and backed up by data. She did an excellent job of helping me streamline my thoughts for an audience. I am so happy with how this project turned out, working with Lanie was easy and wonderfully collaborative. We created a talk that I am SO EXCITED to give.
The most prepared I've ever felt.
I approached Lanie for help structuring and delivering a brand-new conference talk after hearing a glowing recommendation from a fellow copywriter and speaker. I’ve spoken at lots of events before, but was determined to make this talk my best yet… ENTER LANIE.
From the start, Lanie’s sharp insight on my outline helped me present my points in the most compelling and memorable way possible. She drilled me on presentation and transitions to make sure that I could move smoothly through different sections of the talk and drive home major takeaways. And she even helped me create relevant examples and jokes that my audience loved! This was the most prepared I’ve ever felt for a presentation, and I’ll be working with her again for my next talk. Thanks, Lanie!
Brought out the best in my abilities.
Working with Lanie was fun, challenging, and REWARDING above all else. Lanie is hilarious and puts you at ease when practicing, but also pushes you to do your very best; I could clearly see myself getting better after every practice with her. Her training gave me the ability to present confidently to clients, colleagues, and prospective employers, and clearly answer even the most random questions calmly and personably. Lanie’s approach helped me because she knew what kind of coaching I needed. I ended sessions with a list of to-dos and a clear conceptualization of my progress and our next steps. Not to mention I just connected more with her than other coaches – I truly think she brought out the best in my speaking abilities!
Kat SafreedSpringboard Retail
LIFE CHANGING is all I can say. While I considered myself a public speaker and have spoken at a fair few events at this stage of my career, Lanie blew everything I thought I knew out of the water. She helped me with everything, from the way I stood, to delivery, to the changing the content of my speech to ensure it was digestible and engaging, it was phenomenal! When I went on stage, the MC was mortified to realize my slides weren’t up yet… but I was able to keep going without ’em, no problem. So many people came up to tell me it was their favorite talk of the weekend, and I’m STILL glowing. Thank you Lanie for being the most badass speaking coach around, you saved my butt.
Hillary WeissHillary Weiss

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