I write speeches, edit ideas, shape arguments, and polish delivery for big thinkers who are ready to share their expertise.


delivery coaching

My one-on-one performance and delivery coaching covers hand gestures, vocal emphasis (pitch, pace, emphasis, rhythm), eye contact, posture, memorization, and more. My approach combines the fundamentals of strong public address with the dynamic needs of 21st century audiences. My focus is not on drilling gestures and tongue twisters (though I have plenty of those in my toolkit), but rather honing your individual style to ensure that you can confidently bring down the house every time you pick up a microphone.

comprehensive preparation

Whether you’re an experienced speaker who knows the benefits of having a pro on stand-by, or an up-and-comer facing a presentation that has the potential to revolutionize your business, I’ve got you covered. I will collaborate with you to dream, write, edit, and organize your presentation before moving into in-depth delivery coaching, working with your natural inclinations to perfect a speaking style that feels natural and looks professional.

speech writing

If you need structural, organizational, or stylistic help with writing your presentation, I can transform your outline, notes, or hastily scribbled napkin thoughts into an orderly manuscript. The basic option includes one complete initial manuscript, plus one full round of revisions and minor suggestions on delivery and emphasis. Perfect for you if you’re not quite clear on the difference between written and oral style, or if you have the utmost confidence in your ideas but no idea how to organize them into an effective timed presentation.

group and corporate trainings

I am available for group trainings for companies aiming to give their sales or customer service teams a performance boost. Contact me for a custom proposal based on the unique needs of your organization.

pitches, proposals, and educational products

Creating a new course? Confused about how to pitch yourself to a podcast or conference? Let’s get together for a one-time strategy session to clarify your value and make your ideas pop.


I really wanted to land more speaking gigs, and the first step in doing that is sending conferences pitches. Unfortunately my pitches were missing the mark and I was getting rejected everywhere. I contacted Lanie to see if she could help improve my pitch and she delivered. Not only do I have an awesome standard pitch but I also have some versions that are customizable based on the conference (which she showed me how to do) AND she gave me some title options as well which have come in handy depending on the audience or theme of the conference. I am 100% confident that I want to work with Lanie again to have her improve my talk and my presentation skills.

Karine Bengualid

LIFE CHANGING is all I can say. While I considered myself a public speaker and have spoken at a fair few events at this stage of my career, Lanie blew everything I thought I knew out of the water. She helped me with everything, from the way I stood, to delivery, to the changing the content of my speech to ensure it was digestible and engaging, it was phenomenal! When I went on stage, the MC was mortified to realize my slides weren’t up yet… but I was able to keep going without ’em, no problem. So many people came up to tell me it was their favorite talk of the weekend, and I’m STILL glowing. Thank you Lanie for being the most badass speaking coach around, you saved my butt. 

Hillary Weiss

Before finding Lanie, I was struggling to map out my TEDx talk in a way that was entertaining, persuasive, and helped me share my ideas clearly. I was totally overwhelmed with ideas and was feeling some serious pressure to create something GREAT, not just OK. After sharing all my notes with Lanie, she was able to understand my voice, create a clear call to action, and craft points that we persuasive and backed up by data. She did an excellent job of helping me streamline my thoughts into something useful for an audience. I am so happy with how this project turned out, working with Lanie was easy and wonderfully collaborative. We created a talk that I am SO EXCITED to give.

Hailey Thomas

I’m a writer but when it comes to putting something together that’s meant to be spoken, I was flailing. I had something to teach to a group of people and no way to get my point across! Enter Lanie. With her expert guidance and insight, my big ideas became words on a page that will translate to a live audience better than any blog post I could ever write. Thank you, Lanie! You’ve made this writer a more confident speaker and that’s a priceless gift.

Val Geisler

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