Hi there.

I’m Dr. Presswood, but please call me Lanie.

I’m a professional persuasive person.

I like yoga, small dogs, gothic literature, doughnuts, and rollerblading.

But most of all, I really, really like public speaking.

Throughout four years of competition in intercollegiate speech and debate, I won one national championship, two national finalist titles, three state championships, two scholarships, and countless regional tournament awards. I have a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Culture from Ohio University and 7 years of experience teaching communication to college students across Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I’ve worked as an academic administrator, a speech coach, and (currently) as a higher education program specialist for a nonprofit organization.

In other words: my job is to create kick-ass educational resources for students, teachers, and entrepreneurs of all levels.

And did I mention that I really like public speaking? Learn more about how I can put those skills to work for you as a consultant or see how those interests translate into my academic research.

Let’s get started.