Yes, you there, behind the laptop. Are you one of the 8.4 million Americans who still fears public speaking more than death? Does the spotlight inspire nothing but dread in your heart of hearts? Are you dismayed because your business, your ideas, or your client pitches sparkle on paper and in the digital domain, but crumble into anguished defeat at the mere thought of the spoken word?

Stop panicking – I want to help!

I’m a coach, professor, teacher, doctor of all things PUBLIC SPEAKING.

I’m on a quest to demystify public speaking and ensure that YOU know you can do it. No, not just do it – kill it.

After all, it’s 2018. So why is public speaking still treated like the exclusive domain of long-dead white dudes? Sorry, Aristotle, but there must be a better way. And I can lead you there.

I am committed to integrating the fundamentals of strong public presentations with the dynamic needs of 21st century entrepreneurs. My focus is not on drilling gestures and tongue twisters (though I have plenty of those in my toolkit), but rather identifying your unique voice and planning individualized strategies to make sure that you can confidently bring down the house, every time you take the stage.

Banish the fear.

Conquer your anxiety.

Embrace the opportunity to be heard.